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Help - how to create a list of services/features/products with an icon on top?

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I'm trying to create a list of services with an icon on top and text under the icon, like the attached image (that’s https://www.aesopwines.com/)799560672_Screenshot2020-05-22at21_01_24.thumb.png.9d34d7e48990fd4a9c91929e6033835d.png 

How can I do this? If I insert an image the icon expands. Also, if I insert an image and a text block below it wouldn't behave properly on mobile.

Whats the best way to do this? Whats the best module for this?

(I'm using the Basil template, in case that helps)

Can you please help?


Kind regards,



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Thank you so much tuanphan! That works great! :)

Is there any way I can do that with icons from thenounproject.com or from flaticon.com? I guess that would mean to insert an image. Is ther a way to do this through markdown or through the code block so they would show up in a similar way as you put it on your page for Icon Boxes 02?

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On 5/22/2020 at 9:06 PM, Fabians said:

I'm trying to create a list of services with an icon on top and text under the icon, like the attached image

You can also do this with any image file. To do this:

  • Add three Image Blocks and place them side-by-side to create three columns.
  • Size the icons to the required size before you upload them to the Image Blocks.
  • If the icon is narrower than the content area (as it is in the example you provided) then you will see the required blank space on both sides of the image. This preserves the original image quality. 
  • Add a Text Block below each icon for the associated text. 



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Thank you Paul! That worked great! I thought that wouldn't preserve the right order in mobile (I thought that would put the 3 images first and than the 3 text blocks), but I was wrong. I must have done some mistake when I tried it the first time! Problem solved, thank you! This works great for the image icons I intend to use and tuanphan's way is a great alternative for the other items. Thank you! 🙂

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