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Site URL: https://www.smlca.org/

Hello! I know it's probably a mess, however if you saw the website we had before, then you would understand how much better this one truly is. It is a work in progress and we do not have a dedicated website designer. I am a teacher/tech lead at the school (Definitely not a website designer as you will see...). Myself and a handful of others work on the site when time allows. We want it to continue to get better and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for feedback in every area, but specifically in terms of ease of navigation, aesthetics, and logical flow of information.

Thank you!


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You picked a good template family to work with. I certainly would not call your site a mess. I looked thru it and will have some suggestions. Right now the only thing I see right off is the footer is hiding your school logo, specifically the blue text. I think I would lighten up the footer background color a bit to make that blue pop out. 

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