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7.1 Portfolio background hover effects not working - BUG?

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Posted (edited)

Site URL: https://hidano-demo.squarespace.com/

I'm in the process of building a new site to switch to 7.1 from the old platform, and I'm trying to use the portfolio function. One of the options is:

Hover: Background - Displays the sub-page titles in a stacked or inline layout. When hovering over a title, the sub-page thumbnail replaces the section background.

You can see the exact scenario on the Hidano demo https://hidano-demo.squarespace.com/ which is set to Hover: Background in the settings. 

Shouldn't the background change when you hover over the sub page titles (availability, amenities etc)? Nothing seems to happen for me. None of the portfolio hover options work in fact. I'm using Chrome. 

Am I understanding it incorrectly? 

Thanks for your time.

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On 5/22/2020 at 10:27 PM, lieslmaduro said:

Have the same problem. This seems like a bug? But Squarespace helpdesk says they can see the hover effect on my site. 

Yeah! They sent me a video of it working too. They told me they're investigating further... 

What device are you using? I'm on a Surface Book, perhaps it's being misinterpreted as a touch device. It works on my desktop PC, but my Surface Book.. nothing. It doesn't work in Chrome, Edge or Opera. 

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