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Help with linking Home Gallery Navigation to Main Navigation (NOVO)

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Hello! I am new to SquareSpace and struggling to figure out how to link my Home Navigation to the Main Navigation bar I have at the top of my site. I am using the portfolio style template Novo. I am hoping to be able to link the images that I have on my home page to the pages I already have set up that show up as my Main Navigation bar. So on my home page, when users hover over each image and it has "About," when they click I want it to send them to my "About" page. I already wrote the content for my pages and would love to find a way to either just copy them over to the page that was created when you click on the "About" home image or find a way to link the home images to my corresponding pages. I have tried so many different things (short of deleting everything and starting over) and could really use the help. I feel like it should be a simple fix, but I just have no idea what I'm doing. Any help is appreciated!!!

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Hey Tuanphan!

I have for all the pages, but I'm still trying to figure out if there's a way I can link my Work portfolio to my Home section. I want users to be able to click on the Home "Work" portfolio section (when they hover over it) and have it bring them to the Work Portfolio I created. Is this possible? I hope that question made sense. Wondering if there's a CSS code I need. 

Thanks in advance.

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You can put an image or gallery on one page and link it to another page.  When editing  that image or gallery you want to link from, go to edit and you will see an image icon next to the pencil icon. When you click on that you will see the link field with a gear icon, click the gear, then select page on the left, pull down search on the right, and choose the page you want to link to. Choose open in new window or not, depends on what you want it to do. 


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I realize now you were giving me advice based on a home page made up of a grid of pictures. That's not what mine is. Mine consists of a portfolio so I do not have the option you were talking about when it comes to clicking on those individual pictures or editing those individual pictures. I was trying to link the portfolio "work" image (which, when clicking on it brings you to a blank page) bring users to my work portfolio (basically linking a portfolio to another portfolio). Wasn't sure if that was possible... However, I understand what you were talking about if my home page consisted of just pictures instead. I was using the portfolio because I like the way users can hover over a picture and see the title of the section. If I switch my home page and make it a grid of pictures rather than using the portfolio option, is there a way I can edit the pictures so that users can still hover over them and see the name of the page it will take them to? 


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You can edit individual photos in a portfolio project. Make sure you are looking at your project image grid, there should be a  little image icon up on the left next to the edit pencil icon,  click it.  A panel comes up with all your images on the left, image editor on the right,  underneath  that there is a description field and a click through field labeled link, click the gear on the right, choose page on the left, click search on the right and  a list of pages comes down, choose the one you want that image to link to. That's it. 

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I don't have these options. I just have a "manage projects" button. I do have the panel, but each URL slug for the home photo are "home/work" depending on the category and I don't understand how to send that photo to another project (my work portfolio) rather than a blank page.  

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