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I'm just trying to write my Cookie Policy (I'm in the U.K) but how do I find out exactly what cookies my website uses?

I know about the third-party cookies for Squarespace Analytics, but that's it, so a little help would be appreciated!



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Hi CharlieBrown, 

There are two main categories of cookies that Squarespace's sites use:

  • Functional and Required
  • Analytics and Performance

This Squarespace help guide goes into more detail about the specific cookies Squarespace uses on your behalf and how to disable some of them if you would like:

The cookies Squarespace uses

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That's great, thank you very much, srodrigues.😊

I was wondering though, the list Squarespace have on that link are all of the cookies they use, but I am creating a blogging website, so no carts, etc. So, is there a way I can find out exactly what cookies I myself use, via Squarespace?


Many thanks.

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