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Indexing website on Google - 401 Error

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Site URL: http://www.thebluestreams.com


I have been trying to index my website on Google. I have registered with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and I have also requested for the site to be indexed. 

However, when I try to do a URL inspection, I get a 401 error (Failed: Blocked due to unauthorised request). How can I fix this? 

Thank you in advance! 

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I scanned your site with another SEO tool that I use. It emulates Googlebot as much as possible and it didn't return any 401 errors. It did get 404 errors on the blog and podcast links in the footer. 

I've seen so many tools trigger false positives on different things. I've not seen Squarespace servers blocking scans before but it's possible they were for a particular reason. 

Are you still seeing the same issue?

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