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Browser Tabs and Web Links Showing "General 1" etc

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Site URL: http://www.kerganedwards-stout.com

 Not sure if this is a coding issue, but when my site is viewed in a browser, instead of the browser tab just saying the site name, on certain pages, it says "General 1", "General 4," etc. Other pages appear normal.image.thumb.png.329f49a5fecc5b96ea36ceec222b8b52.png 

Also, when I post a URL onto Facebook, for example, the "General 1" etc shows up in the link as well.
Any idea how to remove these???

Thanks in advance!



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Posted (edited)

Looks like your page title is General 1. Go into the page settings (with the little cog icon beside the page) and change the title.

Edited by christyprice

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Yep I had this problem too, and just went to Page Settings > SEO > and deleted the info in the "SEO Title (Optional)" section so it pulls from the regular Page Title (Page Settings > General > "Page Title"). 

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