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White Flashing going to next page



Site URL: https://www.securview.com


On my site when using Chrome or Edge browser, when you jump to different pages there is a slight delay in loading images.  For half a second all the text loads but there is a white background on the page. It happens to fast that it's got like a flicker effect.

I did some research and it might have to do with how the browser loads the page and any javascript.  

Personally I can live with it, but my company wanted me to find a solution.  

If I can't control the speed in which this loads, can i at least change the temporary background color to black to prevent this "flicker" appearance?

Is this CSS code or javascript?  where do i insert such code?  what is the actual code?

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Hmm I had saved my images with "save to web" option on photoshop.  My understanding I thought was whatever you uploaded to squarespace, they would optimize the file and compress for you automatically.  But i guess theoretically the larger the original file, the larger the compressed version will be?


But again, how do i change my background color?  If i can't resolve my images, if i have a black flicker instead of a white one, that'd be ideal.

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I would think so, and I find that they are never compressed much, reducing the pixel size of the original image is much better solution. I will say this, I find your loading speeds to be rather typical, but a bit more noticeable due to the high contrast of your banners, not that bad though compared to an all single or low contrast color site.

I have seen blocks shift as well, depending on coding and other things, but not on your site. 

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