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What podcasts do you work on?

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Hi all! I run a creative podcast called Storytelling through my publishing company! It features writers and the online blog version also showcases photographers and videographers! Would definitely lov

I have a podcast called Casual Talk! It's basically the conversation that you want to be having at a party. My favorite episode is Episode Two with Matthew Scott Montgomery.   

Hey! Cool. I have a podcast in spanish called LYNCH podcast. It features film directors, writers, producers and actors.

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My podcast is called NKK SERVICES PODCAST.  It's for administrative assistants. It's a work in progress. I am learning as I go. The struggle is real LOL.  www.nkkservicespodcast.com I would recommend Ep3. I am not 100% sure I even know what I am doing but...the journey through learning has been a blast!

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We have a new fictional podcast called The Radiograph. Every episode is an original (and unusual) short play inspired by the city of LA. A variety of writers, actors, musicians, directors, and editors will be contributing, so there will always be something new and different.

Chad Eschman
Creative Director | Trap Street

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I run a podcast called A Deeper South, a history and storytelling show based on 20+ plus years of traveling the backroads of the Deep South in search of the stories that shape us more than we thought. "The vision of A Deeper South is rooted in the idea that the spiritual, political, and cultural health of a nation, region, city, town, or person depends upon an honest and unflinching memory; that the gravest danger to our cities and ourselves is a willful amnesia; that hope is to be found through the work of active remembrance, putting back together the fragments of personhood scattered by a culture of selective memory."

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Looks like my list of podcasts just got longer! A lot of interesting and inspiring episodes to check out! In my podcast, "The Elements of Being," I examine the mental and emotional narratives and processes that have steered writers, filmmakers, psychologists, and industry icons down their paths in life. Each episode is also a glimpse into the trends and patterns of human behavior and the underlying influences that navigate us into different directions. Guests share insights, thought-provoking lessons, the nuances of creativity, and the elements of being….us.

In episode #1, you’ll hear about one woman’s experience searching for her path and how it led to award-winning documentaries. Documentary filmmaker Dana Michelle Cook made a career shift when she realized reality TV wasn’t aligned with her authentic self and purpose. Also, check out later episodes with author Jason Rosenthal, psychologist Dr. Robyn Pashby, best-selling author Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and champion of social justice Jahmal Cole, too.


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I am a professional podcast producer with a background in audio engineering and am working on quite a few podcasts at the moment. 

Here are 3 of my favorites that I’ll highlight for you to explore:




My website is http://meonlylouder.com

If you have any audio questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m on a mission to help podcasts sound better. 🙂

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