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Simple site, any feedback would be great

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Top Posters In This Topic

Well its a good start. It was completely unclear to me at first what I was looking at - like "is this guy selling purfume?" then I looked at your Insta and saw you are a photographer. Very beautiful photos, you have a great way with lighting!

My biggest thing would be to add information about your services and what the purpose of your site is. Even if you just put "Photographer" somewhere in the header.

As a photographer myself, personally, I'd like a way to find out more info about the photos (like the name of product, name of the campaign, any notes you may have about the shoot, etc) - but I get the idea of letting the photos just speak for themselves also.

You have a page right now that is just titled New Page that has a simple video. I'd consider swapping that to a video where you speak about yourself and your services and naming the page About or Services.

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