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trying to swap multiple section index to a folder

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Site URL: https://www.chaosofdelight.org/others

Hi everyone. I'm trying to sort out part of my site and could do with a little help. This explanation might be confusing, I'll try and be as simple as I can.

I have multiple indexes on my site, each containing multiple sections. This is due to it being a photo based guide to many different tiny animals, with a lot of parallax scrolling. Each order of animals has a different index and a different link in the navigation. This works fine. 

However, I also have one navigation link titled 'Others' which contains multiple pages detailing another eight or so different orders of animals. To access one of them you have to scroll down the entire page to find them. I wanted to perhaps swap the index to a folder so that I could have a drop down menu when hovering or clicking 'Others' in navigation.

This would all be straightforward, except for the fact that I use parallax images as banner headings for each animal. As I came over from Marquee to Brine, this meant that to retain my original look, I've had to use two sections, one for the parallax photo and another for the text.
Sooo... as far as I understand, any folder will display all of its pages in the navigation drop down menu and so I will have two pages displayed for each named animal, rather than just one, which is what I need. Is there a work around? Or is there a way to click to an internal landing page with thumb nail linked photos? Sorry if this is actually obvious. This isn't my strong point! I appreciate any thoughts on this. I hope I've explained what I mean well enough. 
Many thanks


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I looked thru your site and it seems to me that making Others into a folder with links to the pages in that index is one solution, there are a lot of pages, so even two folders  side by side (one cannot go into the other) would not be bad. Yours is an information/learning site and viewers there would in my opinion expect it to be a bit more detailed including a bigger nav bar with sub-navs so to speak, like a virtual card file. Doing this will not change how the pages work, it will just make viewers who choose a link in the folder to go right to that page as opposed to jump scroll which happens when using anchor points. Those can cause trouble with Brine sometimes on a large site. I have done a folder for pages, not on the scale you want but still, it has worked out. You can see it here under photography lessons. The first item in the folder goes to a summary page, which I have set up to look like an  Avenue index page which lays out in a grid not a long scroll.  You asked about a landing page with thumbnails, that is what a summary page basically is. Brine has summary block support, each block pulls content from one page, but they can be chained together or you can create them and put the links to them in a folder. The summary pages would go into the unlinked section of your site. That is where my photography lesson summary page is located. This keeps it off the nav bar. 

I hope this response is not too complicated but gives you some ideas. 



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Hey Derrick- thanks for the answer! Much appreciated. I wasn't emailed that anyone had responded, so just checked on the off chance just now. Your reply isn't complicated in the slightest. I'll have a look now and see what I can do... 

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Just to say that I tried out a few ways as you suggested and the one I've gone with which worked is this. It's probably glaringly obvious but for those like me who struggled to understand... 
So, as I mentioned, I originally had around eight different subjects all scrolling down off one index in the navigation. Not ideal. So, I separated out all the different subjects and transferred the pages into the unlinked part of the site, giving each part a separate index, named by the subject. This meant I could keep the parallax scrolling headers for each. Then I made a folder labelled 'others' in the navigation and made links for each subject using each of the index urls. 

It works great, no need for a landing page or any additional code. 

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