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Website title and page title as H1 tag

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Site URL: https://www.moments-films.de

hi :)

my SEO tool (seobility) tells me that on every page (home page and sub pages) the main website title is an h1 tag.

Obviously I only want the specific page title to be an h1 tag.

How can I change that without „destroying“ my main website title for the home page? 


Thank you :)

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Posted (edited)

@simonza. There is absolutely no reason for you to make a change - zero!  Your website name is clearly tagged site "title' in the page Header section of the page code and in the 'head' HTML code. Google expects your site h1 title tag to be coded in this manner.

Your on-page h1  tags are located in the 'body' section of the HTML. The 'body' and 'head' are distinct code and page areas. Google reads this. They are agreed industry standards.

If you were to place two h1 titles in the body area on the same page it may start to affect your SEO, as Google may not be able to understand your content priorities: best practice is to have a single h1 tag in the body of your page with sub-headers as h2, h3 etc.

That said, the SEO gurus at Google and beyond have tested and stated publicly that having more than one h1 tag in your page 'body' text alone does not necessarily effect SEO rankings, as long as the crawlers understand your information priorities and content flow. But, for simple sites, I'd keep to one h1 in you page area and keep the h1 in your title. Ignore Seobility on this one.)


- John

Edited by JOHNMD


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