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How do I publish a blog post in more than one location?

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I'm looking to have a blog post appear on my homepage but also under the subcategory.

For reference, a perfect example of this is zenhabits.net.

I've gone through the Live Chat help and they first suggested a 'summary box' but this is not what I'm after as I want the whole blog post to appear on the homepage - not just a summary of it. They also suggested 'embed'. I tried this but with no avail.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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Double publishing is not an option automatically. The closest thing to that would be a  summary block on your homepage which pulls a thumbnail and an excerpt of text  from a featured blog post usually, the newest one. Otherwise its copy and past into a text block on your home page each time you make a new post with a link to the rest of your blog or you make your blog your home page, which I suspect the Cloudflare hosted site you posted did just that.  It isn't really posting in two places at once, that  is my guess anyway.  

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