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where is the color panel ?! 7.1

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Hi guys,

im totally new to this. I havent build any websites with squarespace and have little experience with other sites. So I am giving ir a try and seem to be failing at the very first steps :'D 

Sooo im trying to change the colors throughout the template- only that the threat in which this shall be done doesn't seem to be at the spot that the posts and tutorials I have looked at suggest. if I go on design, there, its simply not there. Ill attach a picture. What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advance,

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-07 um 01.01.42.png

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Posted (edited)

Which template are you using? We can point you right where you need to go once we know what it is, but it  appears that you have chosen Brine. Brine works this way,  The colors are not arranged together, you have to choose the section of the site you want to change like, header, fonts, main body, background etc.  Go to the page you want to work on, then go to config/design/site styles and the elements on that page will be listed such as  fonts, sizes, color all on the left. I am here if you need more help. I have two Brine sites so I am familiar with the design and style tweaks. 

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