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Ive notified squarespace of this issue already, however, they’ve advised that I simply “downgrade” my plan for the time being. 

The issue:

I pay extra to use the “sell on Instagram” feature. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that my newly added items were not getting submitted from squarespace to the Facebook catalog  - which then allows me to tag specific products on Instagram stories and feeds.  I figured it was some glitch that day and didn’t think anymore about it.  Until last week, I was trying to upload a batch of new product listings specifically for Mother’s Day and saw that the error message continued to arise. I tried manually updating the feed and still no luck. I read up about the issue to find out it’s a server related issue. 

I contacted squarespace and the only solution they could provide is “downgrade your plan”.
In theory, I’ve lost weeks of web traffic and potential order conversion, and now they want me to downgrade so I can potentially drop my conversion rate even more (for the active items that were added to the feed before the issue arose) and also lose out on other paid features that I utilize... all in the name of “we are working our best to solve the problem; but I don’t have an eta and we can’t reimburse you for any of your loses”. 

So so upset with this type of customer service, especially during a time when virtual capability is the only thing that’s helping to hold so many businesses together. 

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This might explain the lack of being able to set anything up. I wonder what changed? I just upgraded from a grandfathered plan to have this feature only to find out I cant for the life of me get anything to work!


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Oh look, another one.

I'm currently in email yet again trying to get this figured out with Squarespace. I even woke up early (For me, I'm a night owl) to try to figure this out.
Product tagging on Instagram has avoided me from the very beginning. I've followed the steps over and over and over again. I've gone back and forth in email. They keep blaming it on Facebook and Instagram, and I'm really frustrated. 

This is another forum post on this topic. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/154238-instagram-shopping-and-squarespace/?tab=comments#comment-373094


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