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How to resolve the template page limit and template switch?

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Site URL: https://www.nadinepfeifer.de/

I have redesigned my website and now two questions have arisen:

1. I would love to show more of my work in my portfolio. 
Unfortunately there is a limit of pages. Is there an option to have more pages in my template?

2. Is there an easy way two change the template design without crushing my website? 

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59 minutes ago, Nadinechris said:

There is a limit of pages. Is there an option to have more pages in my template?

You can have up to 400* pages on a Squarespace website unless your site is on a very old "legacy" Personal plan, in which case there's a 20-page limit. To learn more about legacy plans, visit Legacy billing plans. If you're on a legacy plan with page restrictions and you want to expand your site, you can switch to a current Personal, Business or Commerce plan.

1 hour ago, Nadinechris said:

Is there an easy way to change the template design without crushing my website? 

Page limits are defined by your billing plan, not your template. However, more information on changing your template, see Switching templates.


*A site can have up to 1000 pages, but Squarespace don't recommend more than 400 due to performance reductions.


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Posted (edited)

Current personal plan has no page limit and no custom css, which I have a lot of in my 20 page site. So if you have that as well and you switch plans to current personal plan, things may break. To get the same coding feature as our old personal plan you would need  to upgrade to a business plan.

You have  nice looking Avenue site. There are many of us using that classic template. If you want to show more of your latest work, consider making a new gallery or layout page and rotating an old one out of the index, into the unlinked section of your site, disable it,  enable the new one and move it in to take its place. The old one will just sit there until you want to use it again. I do this quite often just to have some fresh content. I also combined my About and Contact on the same page to free up one to use for something else. 

my random views derrick Lee parker

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