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Blog posts overriding each other (screenshots included)

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Hi everyone, I am growing frustrated with the fact that text boxes and gallery/slideshows on two different blog posts on my site are overriding/replacing each other. On one day each of the posts will look fine. However, this morning, all of the text on blog post A replaced all of the text on blog post B.

In another case, all of the photos in the slideshow on blog post B replaced all of the photos on blog post A.

Keep in mind that when I create new blog posts, I duplicate an existing post so that I can keep the formatting and headings. Upon duplicating a post, I replace all of the body text and images, URL, thumbnail, etc. Perhaps the duplicating function is contributing to the overriding? I would be surprised if this is the case though ... the URLs are unique to each post and I don't think the text boxes and slideshow galleries are linked in any way.

Wondering if anyone can help with how to fix this. I have reached out to Squarespace support as well. Thank you in advance.




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The same issue is happening for me. All text and image blocks of one published blog post were suddenly replaced by the text and images of a completely different blog post that was still in draft mode. Even more strangely, when that happened the original draft blog post reverted to a draft many prior saves earlier. I cannot account for how this happened, but I am fairly certain that it was not an error of mine. It would have been impossible for me to even do it. I have a ticket in and I am waiting to hear back from Squarespace now, but it has been several hours.

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We've been dealing with this issue since March. Successfully published posts are being overwritten weeks later with other random content. Old drafts that have been deleted have self-published twice now. Images on published posts have disappeared with a "Item cannot be located" error message.

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Is there a pattern here? It would help to know what template everyone is using who has had this problem. It may be confined to 7.1 or 7.0 or a certain template family. I have not had this issue, not that I am aware of, and I have a lot of blog posts, close to 80 of them, with some quite large on Avenue. I never duplicate a page, always start from scratch, but I use Libreoffice to write it and then I copy and paste into the blog. 

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It's not confined to a specific template. We had this issue in our old template, and as a result were convinced by Squarespace support staff to upgrade and completely rebuild our site in 7.1, where we are suffering more instances of the exact same issue. We suffered massive content loss, both in the form of missing images and spontaneous overwriting of existing content to a whopping 6 blog posts last night alone.

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This just happened to me (on 7.1). I had a massive blog post in my drafts, meticulously formatted... and it just got completely erased by a smaller post I was editing.

I want to cry. I spent HOURS on that post, and it's not cached ANYWHERE.

Seriously. Not. Good. Enough.

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Hi guys, has this issue been resolved? I have several sites constructed for clients in SS. One of them is suffering from random words being replaced. Very weird and hard to duplicate. But quite frustrating for both of us. 

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