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I got it from someone on fiverr in case anyone else wants to do it, here's the code:

section.ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-checkout { 
display: flex; 
flex-flow: column; 

.ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-excerpt { 
order: 1 !important; 

.ProductItem-details .product-variants { 
order: 2 !important; 

.ProductItem .ProductItem-details .product-quantity-input { 
order: 3 !important; 

.ProductItem-details .ProductItem-product-price { 
order: 4 !important; 

.ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { 
order: 5 !important; 

.ProductItem .ProductItem-additional { 
order: 6 !important; 

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