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Same Variant, SKU & Inventory in Multiple Product Listings?

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This all started when I was researching to see if Squarespace offers any solutions that would allow you to set quantity-based discounts (i.e. $4/each, 3 for $10), and long story short - there isn't any which is a huge bummer.

Then I'm thinking that maybe I could post a product listing and call it a "bundle", a "set" or a "box" priced at $10, and customers can select 3 products that are eligible for the discount as variants, but in this case, tracking inventory will be a huge mess. 

So my question is, can I use the same SKU in multiple listings? And what will happen if I do that? Will they share the same inventory cuz if they do, that'd be real nice.

Please help! Thank you!

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9 hours ago, axsuul said:

@siweisong You can use duplicate SKUs across different listings (just not within the same listing). However, Squarespace won't keep their stock levels synced between duplicate SKUs. If you're looking to do that, check out Trunk @ https://trunkinventory.com

This seems to only sync inventory among different sales channels though, they don't seem to offer that within one sales channel. Do you have any experience using their service? If so, can you share your thoughts?

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