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Form submissions not being recorded

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Site URL: https://www.primrosebagel.com/

Has anyone experienced issues with form submissions where it appears that some submissions just go missing (no email, no update to google doc) but others work just fine. Customers have sent me screenshots of the thank you message after submissions but the submission appears to vanish. If it was one or two occurrences I would chalk it up to user error but this appears to be widespread when it happens but it happens somewhat irregularly.

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I would try contacting support to see if your email address has been blacklisted, this happens sometimes but they should be able to correct it for.

What is puzzling is that Google sheets isn't updating as this is usually pretty reliable. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting Google sheets?

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I am having this very same issue.

I can see that Squarespace reports 119 submissions in its analytics.

I can see 119 rows in my Google sheet.

But I also have the Hubspot js code installed and that has captured a set of submissions which are not included.

Counting the emails I get from Hubspot when that form is submitted I have 164.

That's a drop rate of 27%

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Not blacklisted and I had reconnected it already. Its working now but there was a period where it appears to have not been working (about 12 hours).

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