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Brine Blog Layout

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Site URL: https://www.travelsandtreasures.com


When you click into one of my blog posts, the default layout from the tamplate is seen/used.  I really want to add content in a side bar to utilize more real estate on the page.  Is there a way to do this without coding?  In short, whenever I add a blog post, I would like the side bar to be part of the template and I've not figured out how to do this.  I sincerely appreciate the help in this forum! 


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Posted (edited)

If its code, and requires inserting into custom css, yes the plug in requires  a business plan. May I make a suggestion. You create a blog post, add your image at the top, add a spacer to the left side of the image and move it creating column space. Make sure the spacer is not as long vertically as your image. At the bottom of the spacer add a text block, then delete the spacer, the block will remain and you add your text, its now on the left side of the image. Now the above is the way I have moved things around in Avenue for a particular blog post. I can make site wide style changes as well. You can too with Brine blog, as mentioned here:


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