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Dynamic Font Sizing / Responsive

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Site URL: https://trombone-chartreuse-l445.squarespace.com


So I've been working on my site slowly but surely, I included a bunch of custom CSS to fine tune font sizes on 3 breakpoints – but something odd is going on, some of my sizing is suddenly completely off, and I can't control it anymore.

I noticed something new in the code with the Dev Tools on Chrome, the dynamic-font-sizing use to say "disabled" (false), it seemed to be that way by default (?). But now it says "enabled" (true) and all my CSS does nothing.

What happened and how do I just go back to what I had?

Thanks in advance!! 🙂

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Yep, noticed the same thing. Unfortunately, looks like typical CSS isn't working for my site either. I think Squarespace's new code overwrites the CSS, which is extremely frustrating. 

One thing that may work is by converting every text block to a code block and giving it a specific class. However, I can't imagine doing that would be any fun.

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Can you describe your problem in detail? I mean, which elements are you applying font size to

There are many causes of CSS not working.

  • You target the class incorrectly
  • Your CSS has a lower priority than the default CSS (add !important to after)
  • Custom CSS has syntax error
  • ...


You can send your question to my email to get detail answer. / How to Setup Password & Share URL 

-- I came back. Will answer soon.

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Hmm, well for example, on a specific product page I have a title, a catchphrase, a description and technical details. They all have a different style, which I had custom sized for max 1280px and for max 767px.

Now some work and some are ignored by by that new dynamic sizing system.

I can't imagine they would change functionalities to a point where it affects what people have running.

Anyway to change or disable that setting?

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