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Adding a ADD-TO-CART button to a STORE PAGE

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Site URL: https://www.smkw.com/

I am hoping for a way to add an ADD-TO-CART button to a STORE PAGE so that clients can quickly add products to their purchase list without having to navigate to each individual product.

I have shared an example of an online store with this function - https://www.smkw.com/ - seems pretty common and yet I can't figure out how to do this with Square Space.

Anyone know how to set this up?

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4 hours ago, JPierre said:

I am hoping for a way to add an ADD-TO-CART button to a STORE PAGE


5 hours ago, sugarkw said:

I have the same question!


'Products Pages' are the easiest way to manage your products but they don't include the option to order directly from the page, but a number of workarounds are possible. Hopefully, one of these should help you achieve something close to what you want:

1. Product Quick View: If you are on a supported template, you can enable Quick View on your Products Pages. When enabled, customers can click a button to view the product details - including the Add-to-Cart button - in a lightbox without navigating away from the page. The feature is built in to a number of templates. The disadvantage with Quick View is that it isn't available on mobile devices. Also, product images and descriptions are cropped and simplified respectively.

2. Product Blocks: You can use Product Blocks to display individual products. By combining a number of Product Blocks on a standard page you can create your own customised layout. Product Blocks can include the product's image, title, description, price, and an Add to Cart button. The good news is that this works without code. The bad news is that if you have lots of products, adding Product Blocks can be an arduous task.

3. Hire a Developer: Squarespace is a very flexible platform that can be extended with code. If you don't like either of the code-free solutions above, you could hire a Developer to include Add to Cart buttons directly on the page under each product, without the use of Product Blocks. Obviously this isn't a cost-free option, but there's potential for it to be customised to your requirements.

I hope this helps.


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