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Hey everybody! 

My name's Florian Zellweger, and I'm from Switzerland (the french part).
I'm a professional photographer, teaching photography and playing with graphic / web design as well. 

You can see my work here. 
• Photography: https://florianzellweger.ch / https://florianzellweger.com
• Design: https://influenz.design


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On 6/8/2020 at 1:35 PM, CrunchyTacoCreative said:

So excited about this topic - it just popped up on my Circle feed - I'm a brand new company - but with 10 years of experience shooting for a large government organization. Stepping out on my own has been scary - especially in times of COVID - but hopefully things will pick up again. Check out my site: http://theadaptedlens.com. 

Hi there! I would love to have a chat with you in the near future as I would like to get into gov contracting for similar projects, would love to find some partners to venture together.

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Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to join this community.

My name is Ni, I'm an visual artist of traditional and digital mediums, an audio engineer producing podcasts and audiobooks, and owner of Lights And Lines Studio LLC. I will be in Monterey CA for the next few years.

my website is http://LightsAndLines.art which primarily features my portrait works.

I built this website myself last spring and am gearing up to a big update, especially in the podcast section. I'm constantly trying to learn new codes to improve the functionality and aesthetics of my website.

Please feel free to browse and let me know what you think! Constructive criticism welcome.

homepage_feature 2000x2500.png

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Hello everyone!

My name is Ahmed, skateboarder and photographer born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. I have recently made my back to one of my all time passions - photography - and want to share my perspective with the world. I have recently made the decision to fully pursue photography and work with like-minded people.

Feel free to check my portfolio and give your feedback! 


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Im not a photographer, though we are squarespace specialists, and we love to create squarespace sites for photographers.

We have developed several portfolio sites, and they are by far the best ones, once with beautiful pictures, its inevitable do create an amazing squarespace site.

If anyone is interested , here is our portfolio :


Happy to help.


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Jooo que envidia me dais🥲........


Hola soy billy productor de arboles frutale soy nuevo en el mundillo este y he empezado a crear alguns logotipos poca cosa algo muy humilde tambien me atrae la programacion estoy iniciando una pagina web para ver si me sale rentable esto que tanto me fascina tambien tengo un blog en wordpress desconozco hasta donde llegare pero como las bastantes horas que dedico me las disfruto seguire trabajando un beso a todos os deseo lo mejor en la vidano se hasta donde l




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Hi there,

My name is Ricky, based in Singapore. I've been doing photography for over 15 years. 
My niches are in the industrial, architecture & interior, landscaping infrastructure commercial work for local and overseas business here in my country. 

I recently did a little revamp on my website at https://www.captureasia-photography.com

I've changed the logo from color to black, using photoshop to select impact font for the lettering. Easy to read and hopefully leaves an impression.

The main changes however is the number of images has been drastically reduced. I realized the visitors that visited the site stays for a very short period because there are too many images to look through. So i self curate and put out the best images out there to the potential clients that visit.  

Any tips would be helpful.

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Greetings all.

Just joined Squarespace to begin the process of setting up my online photography portfolio. Many have suggested Squarespace as the best platform upon which to do this, and took the plunge this weekend. Any advice about where to begin the process of building the site is welcome.

I can certainly bump around looking at videos and such, but hopefully some kind soul can point me at where to begin.

I'm a fine art photographer from Pittsburgh, PA, and I use both digital and film.

Thanks in advance for any support and help.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Alain Rouschmeyer and I live and work near Lac D'annecy in France. I'm an artist, architect and urban sketcher. My work as an artist is slowly gaining international recognition. I discovered Square space about a year ago and I'm becoming more and more of a fan, despite a few things I haven't mastered yet.

I'm delighted to discover this forum and I took the time to register with the immense hope of being able to share information here with all of you. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my website: https://www.alainrouschmeyer.art

Looking forward to hearing from you 

See you soon


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My name is Kevin Patrick Robbins, but everyone calls me KPR.

I'm a commercial photographer in the Toronto, Canada area.

I also have a small content channel called Studio Builder, where I help professionals and aspiring professional photographers develop their businesses.

Portfolio: https://iamkpr.com/

YouTube: https://studiobuilder.co/youtube

TikTok: https://studiobuilder.co/tiktok

You may have seen my viral TikToks on Adobe's Generative Fill AI tool. 


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I'm Lawrence, a 76-year-old creator who has made his living exclusively as a fine artist since 1979.  I live and work in Tucson, Arizona.  My "organically grown" 7.0 website is https://lawrenceleeart.com, soon to be reimagined in 7.1.  After a long and successful career as a painter exploring shamanistic imagery, I am now focusing entirely on abstract landscapes.

In NFT circles, I'm better known as NotoriousGangOfOne, a 2019 OG. I worked with Matt Kane to create the industry-standard 10% commission on resales, which resulted in millions of dollars of payouts to digital artists worldwide.

I wrote and illustrated the first children's book created on a computer in color (8-bit, no anti-aliasing, Pre-Photoshop version 1!). (Published by Harbinger House 1989).  No one knew how to get the art out of the Mac II and into print!  I've seen a lot of changes in art, art marketing, and the internet. I retired to a Caribbean island in 2000 but returned to the States and have been painting again since 2014.

Favorite quote: "Love is that condition in which another person's happiness is essential to your own." -R. Heinlein in "Stranger In A Strange Land"




Hamlet and Harbinger_02.jpg

Edited by lawrence
Additional information.
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Hi, my name is Darren. Very nice to meet all of you here. I'm a professional photographer from Singapore. I started doing this professionally in 2008 and am a qualified Master Photographer with The Master Photographers Association based in the UK.


I began my journey doing events and weddings. My general portfolio can be found here: https://www.darrenf.com. Over the years, I've explored various genres, and lately, I've taken an interest in corporate photography. I have my corporate work shared on a different Squarespace website: https://www.tailfeather.sg.

General website: https://www.darrenf.com
Corporate website: https://www.tailfeather.sg

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This is so fun — excited to be here with you all! 


My name is Hannah Pobar, I am the founder of homestudiolist.com 

📍 Denver, CO

📸 I'm a former photographer turned startup girl

💻 My website is homestudiolist.com

A little about Home Studio List — we are a platform of real homes available to rent by the hour for photo shoots and video productions, available in cities all across the US! We are used and well loved by major brands like Starbucks, Hallmark, HGTV, Parachute Home & more. If you are in need of brand or website photos, we would LOVE to work with you & help you find the perfect location 💛


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Hello, my name is Carmen Segura.

I have an online art store on Squarespace Artistry By Carmen, which I have opened over the summer of 2023 where I am selling art prints and I plan on adding new products as I make them.  I am from Minnesota, I am inspired by animals and nature, which is what most of my work is about. I have an Associates degree in Graphic Design and Liberal Arts. My website is www.artistrybycarmen.com and I have an Instagram which is artistry_by_carmen

Nice to meet you! 

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Greetings! I'm C.M. Ralph, an illustrator who just moved my site here from WIX. I'm happy about everything but the blog - it's a bit clunky for me, so I may forego using it, LOL. I'm currently focused on finishing an illustrated book (a humorous D.I.Y Murder Mystery - my homage to Edward Gorey) I hope to publish prior to the Christmas Holidays. So I'm busy with that and hope to get a few pieces up in my store soon. Nice to be here and meet all of you! 


Pen Holder of Doom.jpg

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Hi, I'm Becca, owner and founder of BH Gallery Design. I'm an artist and jewelry designer from Northern California. I recently decided to start selling my work this fall after a couple commissions for my art and offers on my jewelry designs. It's been exciting starting a small business and a big learning curve. I still have a long way to go, but creating is what I must do. 




Pearl and Moonstone 2.jpg


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I am taking over the site of a late friend who was an artist. I am working with and updating the site that she started for herself during her life. The site is in version 7.0, I am having some troubles with simple things like adding captions to Gallery images. Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hello, Greetings from The Netherlands. I took up digital art when I became very ill and had to stop work. I do art as a hobby and a healing/meditative process - my mantra is 'natural, slow, digital'! You can see what I create at https://catrinohara.studio and I've put up a couple of recent pictures here. I would love any feedback and to learn from other digital artists about how to create beautiful sites. I am new to web design, entirely self-taught through trial and lots of errors. It has been a real joy to learn how to create using what is a totally new medium for me.

Apuldram Magnolia - 60cm.png

Cavendish 3 drawing and photo - Hue.jpg

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