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Flatiron: Gallery pages vs. other styles

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Site URL: https://www.tylerelise.com/

Hi! I've been using the "add gallery or page" button when I want to add something new to my Work page - normally I have just gone for the gallery option, but I've since decided that other page layouts would be more useful for my content. I tried to add an "about" layout page, thinking it would display the same way that a gallery page would on my work page (with an image block) - I added this new page and it's not showing up. Is this something that typically doesn't work, or is this a bug on my end? 

Attaching an image for reference - the "Tyler Elise Morph" project is the new project I am trying to add that is not showing up.

Thanks in advance! 

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 4.19.22 PM.png

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Nevermind, I fixed this by going into the settings of that page > media > and adding an image here! will leave this up in case it helps anyone else 🙂

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