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Why does my code block cover my image banner


I am having trouble when I enter in my html code to a code block, my banner image is then completely covered. It looks correct when I enter my html but once I hit send, the banner image disappears. Any ideas on why this is?  The first image is what it should look like but when I refresh the page, the second image is what happens. 


Screenshot (48).png

Screenshot (49).png

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It's difficult to troubleshoot the issue without being able to see the site or the HTML that you've added. When you're asking a question, it will really help us if you include a working link to the page in your question. If your site isn't live yet, you can share it with us by setting a site password and telling us what it is.

When you have configured a password, you'll also be able to view your site from a private/incognito browser as suggested by @derricksrandomviews above.


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Thank you for the info! I'm working on this website with someone else who has the access to share the website and right now she is unavailable. Here is the code that I am trying to add to the Mojave template in the code block,

<div class="grey">
<h2>HEY THERE!</h2>
<h4><p style="color:#c99035";>differently<b> . . .</b></h3>
  <div class="sqs-block-button-container--center" id="cta-button-container">
<a href="/new-client-signup" class="sqs-block-button-element--large sqs-block-button-element" id="cta-button">SHOW ME HOW!

.grey { 
background: #f6e9e5; 
padding: 80px; 
text-align: center;
opacity: 0.85;


I hope this helps!

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