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Low cost alternative to GSuite for domain email?

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Hi folks,

New user, but I have a domain purchased thru SquareSpace, and a small website built.  Now I need an email address.

I thought a simple email address, like me@mydomain.com, would be free or very low cost thru SquareSpace.  But I see SquareSpace's only email solution is GSuite for $6/month?  I don't need GSuite's capabilities.  I just need one email address, that I'll access thru my Gmail account.

So...are there any email alternatives at SquareSpace?  If not, do I understand there's a way to get someone ELSE to host just the email?


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Top Posters In This Topic

I use MXroute.com for 3 companies.

Cheap, $40/year for unlimited domain, 10GB disk space.

However, they only support via the Forum, and you need to manually set up the email (instructions already available).

You can then connect MXroute to gmail, and can check / send emails from Gmail


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