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Proposing available time slots for In-store Pickup

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Site URL: http://www.balboste.com

Hello to the community,

I'm rebuilding my website and I will sell products through Commerce, mainly available for in-store Pickups.

Our opening hours and days for people to pick their order will change from a week to another (we're a catering company, so depending of our events we may be out of the store and in-store pickup won't be available at this time or day)

I would like for people to have the ability, when choosing in-store pickup as a delivery option during the purchase funnel of our product, to be able to book a slot among predefined available slots. I did'nt find a existing features doing this in squarespace and didn't find any topic on the forum or web.

I will use SQ Commerce and Scheduling for my ecommerce on one side and for workshops booking on the other side.

I was thinking doing a combination of both services to do what I described above. Consumer Journey I'm thinking :

- Customer is buying a product.

- He's choosing in-store pickup as a delivery option (I will create this delivery option with flat fee 0 euros).

- In the checkout page after payment, he will click on a link redirecting him to a Scheduling module where he can book a slot for it's pick up.


My questions :

- is it a good way to proceed ? What do you think ?

 - His there a way to "link" the chekout details so the scheduling page is prefilled with cutomer details ? (to avoid any mistakes and to make sure I can link the booking to the order and prepare the product in store for the pick up day)


Hope this is clear. Happy to chat about it.



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Hi Jonathan

I think this is a great idea and something I'm also thinking about implementing on client sites. 
I think you could check with Acuity directly if you can prepopulate fields by appending them in the URL.
You might be able to pull some useful fields from the Confirmation page, which you can see in the Settings > Advanced > Code Injection section:

  • {orderId}: The unique ID of the confirmed order
  • {orderSubtotal}: The subtotal of the confirmed order
  • {orderSubtotalCents}: The subtotal of the confirmed order, in cents
  • {orderGrandTotal}: The grand total of the confirmed order
  • {orderGrandTotalCents}: The grand total of the confirmed order, in cents
  • {customerEmailAddress}:The customer's email address, as it was entered in the "Billing Info" section

Maybe you can embed the link to the scheduling page and append some of these strings above to it? 

Would love to see how you get on, great idea and very useful in current times.


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  • 1 month later...

Hello @brightskydigital. Sorry I didn't see the notification for your reply sonner than... today.

I've asked the support team a few weeks ago, I copy-pasting the answer here if it can help. They don't have the miracle solution, so far I'm going with fixed pick up times several times a week. I don't want to create too many blockers in the customer journey that will make me loose client.

I'm not sure i'm skilled enough to work on your solutions 😞

[SQ Support solutions]

You have a great idea, however, it's not possible to pre-fill information added on Squarespace into Squarespace Scheduling or Acuity Scheduling product. 

Also, we don't offer a way to integrate Squarespace Commerce into Scheduling or the other way around. 

To be able to choose a slot when buying a product, I would suggest creating variants to your products, each variant being a day and time as options. This way your customers would be able to choose an available slot when placing the product in cart. You can read more about it in the article below:


You can, of course, also add a link to your schedule, if that works better, however, from personal experience, choosing a delivery slot can make or break a sale, so it might be worth choosing the pickup first. You can read more about for adding more information to the checkout confirmation page in the article below:


Alternatively, you can use the custom checkout form to collect information about their preferred pick up time throughout the checkout process, but it wouldn't be slot based. You can read more about it in the article below:


Finally, if you haven't set up local pick up yet as a shipping option for orders on your site, you can set the flat rate shipping with a 0.00 delivery fee. For visuals on setting up a Flat Rate shipping option, see our guide here:


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Hi, I am building a customer's website. Its a physical store that sells pastries to pick-up and on delivery.

I already created 2 types of products, products on delivery and products to pick-up. Products to pick-up category is configured as a service product (without delivery address). I also created a custom check out form with pick up options (pick-up days - and pick-up slots).

The problem I am facing is that the custom check-out form also appears for delivery products which is confusing

1. Is there a way to add custom check-out forms only to service products and not to physical products?

2. Ideally I would like to propose in the custom check-ou form a calendar I could configure to allow pick up only after 48 hours as they are selling made to order products.


Thanks in advance for your help


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This goes into the fact that t\here needs to be a more robust DELIVERY section of the Commerce product overall. Everything is hacks and no matter what, the checkout page still has words like "SHIPPING" in it - even if we are doing delivery or pickup.

I'm trying to set up a delivery website and the custom checkout form has all the delivery info in it. Using that Form, and you can add a "date" field for delivery - but there is nothing to stop the user from putting a date in the PAST! This Commerce product seems to only be geared to shipping and it would be so helpful to do delivery and pickup updates... 

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