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2 logos + 2 sections/styles to a site

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Site URL: http://www.yogajeannie.com

I'm looking to re-design a site in 7.1 Squarespace - Theoretically could this idea work?

I want the site to virtually contain 2 differing sites/archives in content/style from 1 site landing page.Could this idea work? have section 1 site style dominant when in section 1 but able to access section 2 - Section 2 site style dominant in section 2 but able to reach section 1.

Looking to clearly define the 2 different parts of one business.

Hope this makes sense and look forward to hearing experts thoughts.

Thanks you!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I think that will be a harder thing to do with 7.1, first off 7.1 does not have landing pages like 7.0 does. 7.1 is designed to be more for mobile sites, and it is streamlined to make it easier for folks to build their own site. As a user of SS for the last five years, I highly recommend that you stick with 7.0 with a business plan, this will provide you with stronger design tools, unlimited pages, and the ability to add as much code as you may need. You also have a wide array of template families to choose from, and I feel  strongly that you will find one that will lend itself more to looking like two sites. 7.1 is just one template with different design/color styles to use as a starting point. 

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