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Footer + cookies text multilingual site 7.1



Site URL: https://villa-rondinelli.squarespace.com/

Hi there,

I'm building a multilingual website with Squarespace 7.1. It will be in 2 languages (Italian and English) and I was wondering if there's a way to have footer, cookies banner and 404 page text in the language the visitor is in.

You enter the website through this cover page: https://villa-rondinelli.squarespace.com/cover
that brings you to the home page: https://villa-rondinelli.squarespace.com/home/it

Password: maggie-villa


Regarding the footer, I'd like that when clicking on the links in the footer (Privacy policy, Note legali, Credits) they will bring you to the related page in Italian or English.

For now the website is in Italian only, I'm going to add the English pages with this method: https://beaverhero.com/squarespace-2-languages/



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9 minutes ago, waiki said:

Hi Tuanphan,

wow it works like a charm! Thank you very much for the CSS Codes and your efforts 🙂 I will update all Page Headers with your CSS Code. 

Maybe someone has a JavaScript solution, I am still curious about another way to hide the footer.

If you use brad guide to create multi language, you can contact him. With Java, you only need to insert code once into Code Injection, it will run automatically for all pages.

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On 10/5/2020 at 9:02 AM, tuanphan said:

You can use CSS or JavaScript to hide footer. 

However I don't have much time to test the Java code, you can find support from other members.
Below is the CSS, which also helps you to solve the problem, but it's quite manual, you need to insert code into all Page Headers.

To hide Footer German Section on English Pages, add this code into All English Pages Header

  [data-section-id="5f6db2130068935437a78ba0"] {
    display: none;

to hide Footer English Section on German Pages, add this code into All German Pages Header

  [data-section-id="5f7aca56614c320e2171d287"] {
    display: none;

If you want to find data-section-id in future case, use this tool. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/squarespace-id-finder/igjamfnifnkmecjidfbdipieoaeghcff?hl=en

This also worked for me. Just replace your data-section-id code by inspecting the page.

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