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Requirement to add email address before downloading a file

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Hi All, 

Apologies if this isn't in the correct area but I couldn't see where to put it. I am trying to add a button that allows people to get a free digital download but only if they enter their email address first. I could do it under commerce and make the product free but they have to enter their full postal address for that and I'm pretty sure we'll lose people as a result. Other web sites I've seen let you click the link to the download and take you to a pop-up that requires your email address to continue which is what I want.  Any ideas please?  

Thanks in advance, 


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On 4/21/2020 at 8:55 AM, Paynester said:

I am trying to add a button that allows people to get a free digital download but only if they enter their email address first.

You can do it in a number of ways:

  • Use a form (or newsletter block) to collect their email address, and provide the link to the download on the post-submit page. The downside with this option is that they could input a fake email address and they'd still see the download link.
  • Use a form to collect their email address, send their details to a mailing list service (such as MailChimp) and configure the mailing service to email them the link.
  • Embed a third party service that offers this feature (for example, Salesforce).
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Hello - While this thread does provide some answers, it doesn't seem to solve the original question. I am baffled as to why this is so complicated on a platform as well known as square space and hoping to get some real solutions. The original question was how to send a few downloadable guide after an email capture. 

The solutions for post submit would work but it is risky given that they could give a fake email - which isn't helpful for the original goal - growing the email list. 

The other solutions - connecting it to a newsletter block is great in theory, but doesn't appear to be a viable option. If you do add a newsletter block for the option to download the guide - then how do you customize that associated email in squarespace (using squarespace marketing)? in marketing it appears that you can edit the verification email, however that verification email seems to be the SAME one sent out with ALL newsletter blocks. So how do you edit the email that will go out for someone signing up for the FREE downloadable guide? 



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The options on the site - buttons, newsletters, events, etc seem to be disconnected from connecting the with appropriate emails. For example if the page on your site is directing them to download the free guide...then how to you connect that button to the email that you want them to get with the information telling them how to download the guide. 

Squarespace gives you this option to edit the verification email.....1360319599_ScreenShot2022-03-22at9_44_34PM.thumb.png.5c8efbe695637f4f7bb25ce7fa2abd07.png

But when you click that it takes you back to email campaigns. In email campaigns you can edit the ONE verification email. Normally the verification email is related to the submission form - "Thanks for signing up for the newsletter", but how do you have different emails sent for different actions? 

Squarespace seems to be limited in what will trigger a specific response. 

ESPECIALLY with events. WIX was so great as allowing you to edit the email that would be sent upon purchase, with the ticket, but I am not finding that with squarespace. 

Please advise. 





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I have a question that is similar to this thread. We have a blog page that houses all of our freebie resources for download. We want to email gate these resources. So if someone clicks on a post and then wants to download the resource, they would be prompted to enter an email, then be redirected to the file. 

I know how this works like mentioned above by creating a form. Is there a way to email gate all resources without having to create a new form for each of the resources? We have over 100 resources. 

Thanks for any help!

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H! Not sure if this option has been mentioned but I discovered when you go into the POST-SUBMIT editing options, you can hit REDIRECT which allows them to choose a DOWNLOAD FILE option. Not ideal BUT better than just putting in a link.

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