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Just wondered if anyone can recommend a solution to allow clients to check the availability of a property on Squarespace and to take the payment, I can see the scheduling tool but I believe that I need it to do more than that e.g

1. client to look at a calendar months ahead to see when its available

2. clients picks a week

3. Confirm

4. Pay - Paypal ?

5. Send the client a notification

6. Update the calendar to say booked.

Happy to pay for a third party product, I have also been told that I would need a ical feed to be able to sync multiple site


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Posted (edited)

In 2018, I provided some third party solutions that could be integrated with Squarespace and some examples of sites that use them for room/property booking. The answer wasn't migrated when the forum was upgraded in 2019, so here's a copy of that information:

https://sirvoy.com/features-pricing/ (example: https://glassyview.squarespace.com/#home-section)

https://www.lodgify.com/pricing/ (example: https://holmberg.squarespace.com/reserve-room/)

https://www.littlehotelier.com/pricing/ (example: https://www.mymodernhomestead.com/guesthouse)

https://resnexus.com/pricing/ (example: https://northforknow.squarespace.com/book-a-room)

Of all the property platforms I've tried, I prefer Lodgify because the user experience can be pretty poor on others.

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