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Digital product images not visible on ios mobiles in Bedford template

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I'm curious that no one from Squarespace has responded to this inquiry, and it was posted April 19.  Is there an issue we should know about regarding images in the Bedford template and iOS devices?

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FWIW, I just discovered an issue with my android phone and tablet, using Chrome browser, showing only the first image in a summary block list. It was fine earlier. Apparently this is an issue with the latest Chrome android update, and is resolved by uninstalling the updates. This takes Chrome back to its "factory version" and for me, did resolve the problem.

So I'm wondering if there's something similar with some iOS browser updates. You might try clearing your browser's cache on your devices, then setting either your phone or ipad back to its earlier version of your browser, then restarting it. If that resolves the issue, of course you can let Apple know, and put a note on your site to alert viewers.

I just made such a note on one of the sites I maintain: 

phelps refinishing fuji spray/news-1/chrome-updates-on-android-can-keep-some-images-from-showing

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