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Product Data Feed to Facebook - missing inventory values


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Site URL: https://www.aycadesign.com/products

Hi everyone,

I want to sell on an instagram shop. I've created an automatic data feed to my facebook account from squarespace. The problem is i get a critical error from Facebook catalog manager: "A product is missing a field: inventory". Of course I have stock in my squarespace account. I tried creating a facebook data feed rule where Stock->inventory, but it didn't do any good. Does anyone know a way around this?

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I'm running into this issue as well. What I've noticed is the information squarespace sends to Facebook doesn't even include the column "inventory" or "stock". There is an "availability" column which tells Facebook that the item is available, but nowhere in the SS data does it give the quantity. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming to track this down. 

Additionally if you export your inventory... it DOES have the information. Why in God's green earth would they send a different spreadsheet through the provided link than the one you get when you download your inventory CSV. I looked at the link behind the export button thinking maybe I could use that, but alas..it fails. 

SS should update and item the inventory column to the provided feed, or simply use the same spreadsheet from the export button in the inventory tab.  
I need this solution asap 😕

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I'm giving up on this, I've spent over 3 days deleting, reconnecting and trying everything under the sun to get this to work. The only solution I had to update the inventory was to create a rule, but it only works for the inventory of 1, so if I have more than one product it says I only have one. It's very disheartening that I switched plans to utilize the instagram shopping and now am finding out I wasted my money

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I have a work around. Note I'm from Australia where we cannot sell our products on Facebook. So go to your Data Feed Rules (Data Sources > Settings > Data Feed Rules).

Then Add Rule -> Set Default Values -> Column: inventory -> Set Default Value to '1'

This works well even if some of your items are out of stock, they will show up as having 0 in the inventory

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