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Site URL: http://xxnaomi.com

I'm hoping that someone can help me with an issue I haven't gotten a definitive answer on.

I started my 7.1 site with Brower, and have been blogging on that for a while.

I want to switch to Paloma, but since it's 7.1, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do that.

I've been looking around and it what people are saying is that you can't switch in 7.1. Like, not at all. "But you don't have to, because you can just edit the design!"

So... what does this mean, practically?

  • If I want my site to look like Paloma, do I have to reverse engineer every. single. facet. of the Paloma site?

Help? 🙂

(Thanks in advance for your time!)


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Posted (edited)

Hi Naomi, the plot is that there are no different 'Templates' – 7.1 comes with 'starting points'.
So the right understanding would be that 7.1 is one single template that is offered by showing different ways of styling it. These different ways are called 'templates' just for the good ol' times sake when there were templates.

If you'd like to have your starting point Brower to look like Paloma you could ask a Circle member to clone & copy the style packs from one starting point to the other, which is basically possible.

Or you use the mighty tools of squarewebsites.com by @michaeleparkour to do it on your own,
unless you're not a circle member yourself of course. 😄


OH MY GOLLY this was my 800th post on this Forum. Hooray!!!


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"Yes the preview window expanding randomly is annoying isn't it?
We were just having a laugh about how long it has been like that."

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