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Image background getting removed by itself?

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This has been bugging me for a few days now as it doesn't make any sense: I try to insert this image below, which is just a blue dot on a white background (it's not transparent; the background is there properly). However, if I choose a different image format other than 'inline', it deletes the image background and just displays the blue dot on a random gray background? This happens with all other image formats: Poster, Card, etc. I literally can't see any reason for it to be deleting the background so I would really appreciate any kind of help! 

Untitled design-12.png

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I'm experiencing the same thing. The white background in my .jpg file is appearing gray and it's happening on all of the 'Design' options except 'Inline.' I've been troubleshooting this for hours now and I can't sort it out.

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Update: Looks like if I use an 'Images' design (vs. a 'Headlines' or 'List' design), I won't get this "gray replacing white background" issue (issue attached). I noticed that once I delete the default image from some of these 'Images' designs, the image placeholder box is white (attached), whereas this box was gray for the 'Headlines' or 'List' designs that was having this issue – I figure this might be an indication of where this issue might arise.

Hope this helps solve the issue or at least help others find a work-around.



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Same thing I am facing for my lilylisto. When I choose the inline format the image show but after choosing another format it disappear. i am trying very hard to get rid of such issue. it been two days I am working on this and I still Stuck on this portion.Kindly help me if you have solved this. 

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