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Per Item Shipping Options

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I manage an artist cooperative and some of our works are not reasonable to ship and need to be local pick up only. I know how to make a "flat rate" local pick up option, but I don't see a way to specify that a particular product should be available only for local pickup. Any ideas? I'm open to plugins or even coding a workaround myself (but it would be great if there is something already existing).

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As Squarespace has so bluntly informed me, per product options such as local pickup only or GST (Tax) Free, are not available on the Squarespace platform. I am truly sympathetic to your plight. If you manage to find someone who has a solution for adding per production options, I would love to hear about it. 


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10 hours ago, GHjosh said:

As Squarespace has so bluntly informed me, per product options such as local pickup only or GST (Tax) Free, are not available on the Squarespace platform. 


Well that stinks, that seems like a pretty obvious thing that they should support. I'll poke around some more and maybe there is a way to custom code it or something. 

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On 4/14/2020 at 8:46 AM, YourePerfect said:

Well that stinks, that seems like a pretty obvious thing that they should support. I'll poke around some more and maybe there is a way to custom code it or something. 

We have been struggling HARD with this for a few weeks. Did you have any luck finding a workaround? Thank you!

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On 5/5/2020 at 9:45 PM, YourePerfect said:

Ok I figured out one workaround for my situation. I currently offer USPS and local pickup options. I wanted to offer some items local only. If I set the size of the item to like 100" x 100" x 100" and 100lbs then its too big for USPS and it will only offer the local options to the customer.

This is brilliant & just helped me to solve this issue for a client. Thank you so much!

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This seemed like a great idea, but there's a catch. If the customer orders some local pickup only items AND some shippable items, intending to pick them up, then the customer is offered USPS shipping in addition to local pickup! This seems like a Squarespace bug as it's not possible to ship 100+ pounds USPS!

Edit: What happens is that SQS decides the items are "oversize/overweight" and excludes them from the shipping calculations! Despite the knowledge base article on large/heavy items suggesting adding a flat rate for local pickup, it incorrectly quotes the user rates without the "heavy" item. I still think this is a bug.

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Just talked to them about this as well. They suggested adding Pick Up Only items as service products and enabling tax on them. No shipping will be charged, however, as with the other work arounds additional items can be added and shipped. I tried it out and felt I had to add "(Pick Up Only)" to the Product name so it is listed at checkout. I also added "additional info" to the product explaining to pick the local pick up shipping option for anything else they ordered as well. 

it ain't pretty but it is workable. Just not very professional looking. Per item shipping is needed. 


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I had an exchange about this with support as well. In addition to things I had already tried, the rep made the good suggestion to add a custom form to the product with a required checkbox saying that the customer acknowledges the item is for local pickup only. It's not a perfect solution, but it probably stops some errors.

The problem I found with making a Service item is that it allows anyone, anywhere, to order a pickup item. I went back to the overweight/oversize scheme and limited the flat-rate local pickup option to this and neighboring states. Again, not perfect, but it stops someone across the country from ordering a pickup item, though it doesn't stop them if they also order a shippable item.

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Putting aside how ridiculously bad a gap this is for Squarespace, I used weight-specific pricing as a workaround.

I have three similar products (playing cards) and then another one which is uncut playing card sheets and considerably more expensive to ship. (https://www.cartesiancards.com/shop)

So I assigned very low weights the regular cards, and made the last one weigh lots more.

You have to be careful with people adding multiple products if you want them to stay in the same price bracket. Hopefully I've avoided this by exaggerating the weights like I have.

One more new product that's different to the others and I'll probably have to make the move to Shopify.


weight pricing.png

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Hi Cartesian Cards,

Does your weight-specific shipping options mean that during checkout, only one option is displayed?

I'm frustrated in trying to find a solution for 4 products that require free local pick up on one day, and an additional 5th product that requires free local pick up on a different day from the rest. I was trying to create a workaround using weight, but haven't figured it out yet.


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Just echoing the frustration here. I do understand how complicated shipping configs can be to program but per product shipping configs seem like low-hanging fruit for Squarespace to invest in. I wish they would! 

I'm trying to solve for having two separate shipping locations: one in the US and one in the EU. It is a serious puzzle to try to figure out how to address this. I can't use flat rate and setup shipping zones because each product has vastly different weights, but I can't use weights because I don't want someone in Europe to pay for shipping FROM the US when we have a distro center in the EU. I do NOT want to move to Shopify for this. If anyone has any bright ideas that I am missing, please share! Thanks so much. 

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Jumping in to say that per item shipping options are definitely needed! I just subscribed to squarespace commerce and very quickly found out that this wasn't an option. I sell plants and trees, some are shippable and some are not. I may be forced to use squarespace commerce only for online/shippable sales, and using Square POS for all in-person sales, and just not having local pickup options. Which stinks because my online store won't truly reflect everything I have for sale.

I really don't want to have 2 separate inventories/POS systems....

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