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Site URL: https://prophetsrock.squarespace.com/


Two part question for the community:

I am building a site for a client and they want members to be able to login and see "members only" prices.

  1. Can SQS do this? (I don't think it can..)
  2. If not, has anyone every duplicated a site as a way to show these prices?

Thanks in advance for any insight on this!


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I was in need of having a second store with different pricing for our wholesale clientele. The best solution I could come up with is to make a store with the lower pricing and password protect it. then as part of customer onboarding you provide them the password. I plan to utilise squarespace email campaigns to provide them with new passwords on a 3 or 6 month basis. 

This is far from a perfect solution and you may find it hard to adapt to a purely retail client base but it does allow you to get the 2 pricing levels you are looking for. 

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Hey @Greg_FHDMemberstack can help you create login areas on your Squarespace site. You can use it to not only show different prices to members that have logged in, but also collect the one-time or recurring payments from specific members. (Tutorial here)

Happy to help if you have more questions on implementing it 🙂

Naitik Mehta
Memberstack.io — add user logins, member profiles & payments to any website without coding.
Linkedin • Twitter

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