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Can I set a "build your bundle"?


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Hey guys, 

I'm trying to decide which website builder better suits me so I do need to know if there is an option to "build your bundle" so the customer will be able to combine up to 3 (or whatever) digital products to save money and if I can set how much the discount would be. Also, if I will be able to turn on or off this feature anytime.

If this feature is available, could you recommend me a step by step guide teaching how to do that? 

Thanks in advance

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Build A Box or Build a Bundle

Hi All.  I'm also looking for a similar solution.  Allow customers to choose 4 items with varying prices from a selection of 10, to create a 'case'.  I need a price and quantity tally.  I've been tinkering with JotForms, but am having issues connecting to Stripe.  (Otherwise it seems like it may work)

Has anyone found another solution out there?  (One that does not require coding)

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Same here. It would appear that an extension like Trunk can mange it from a back office/inventory point of view, but there is no front end Squarespace option that I can see. 

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