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How do I increase content block width beyond 100?

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Site URL: https://www.lawrenceabbott.com/mixmag


I apologise in advance for my possibly incorrect usage of terminology and/or querying this in the wrong section...

I have three videos side by side in a content block as seen here: 


Unfortunately, this is as large as they will go. I would like them to be bigger, in equal size, to the full page width (like the other sections on this page). However, if I try to make one bigger, the others decrease in size: 


I have tried to increase the overall page size using the following code (in the page header section) but this aligns everything to the left and does not increase the width of the content: 

  main#page {
    max-width: 2029px !important;
    width: 100%;


When I change the master 'site spacing' in the 'design' section to 2024px, this is perfect for this page (minus the white display glitch in the preview):



However, I do not want to apply this setting to all pages as it only relates to this particular page and will throw all my other page designs out of whack.

So I think it ultimately boils down to; how can I increase this particular sections overall width beyond the '100' percent Squarespace is allocating me?

REF: https://www.lawrenceabbott.com/mixmag

Thanks in advance! 🙂




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Unfortunately not... 

Unless this is isolated to my display (iMac 27" 5K) then is still appears as follows, with the videos still significantly smaller:


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Posted (edited)


[data-section-id="5e69a190a3ede9200c92c054"] .content-wrapper{
  margin-right: 0!important;
  margin-left: 0!important;
  max-width: 2500px!important;


Edited by JOHNMD


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Really appreciate the reply but unfortunately if I inject this into the header section the code appears at the top of the page without any changes to the format...

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