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Site URL: http://lacondesarestaurant.com

I have a business profile right now that I use for my restaurant’s website.  With covid-19 going on, I’m trying to implement commerce to my site to let customers place take out orders online.  I’m wondering if there is a way to add a gratuity option at checkout?  I’m located in Canada and plan to use stripe for payments. 

Secondly,  I’m trying my best to space out everyone’s pick up times to reduce contact as much as possible.  For shipping, I wanted to create multiple pick up times that customers could select.  This may be a long shot but is there any way to organize this so that once a pick up time is selected and taken it disappears and is not able to be selected by other customers? Thanks! 


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I have the same question about being able to add gratuity for an order pick-up. (My client is a craft brewery.) I believe I was told in a support chat with Squarespace that there is no option to add gratuity for customer orders. Poking around, I did see you can add an in-store pickup 'fee', which I believe is set up when you set up your 'shipping' options. In my client's case, they offer delivery (which they charge $5 for, with minimum order), and we have not charge a fee for picking up at curbside, but I don't see why we couldn't use this. See more here:


The other thing you might take advantage of is integrating ChowNow into your Squarespace site, which should allow you to add an option for gratuity. Not sure about pick-up time windows since I haven't researched that (ChowNow won't work for non-food menus). I actually used ChowNow as a customer for a different business, and it seemed to work well. There is an option to keep your customer on your website and one to send them to the ChowNow site. Find more here:


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Yes please very much so on this and FAST. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Just bringing workers back online in our tasting room for curbside pick up and tips staff might normally receive in this important time are not easily accessible. Being able to turn on/off tipping or gratuity during check out would be an easy and excellent option. This feature means so much more than you'll ever know unless you've worked a service job, then you know...

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Posted (edited)

I have created a plugin that will allow customers to add a tip on the cart page. The plugin is compatible with version 7.1 of Squarespace and the Brine family of templates on version 7.0 of Squarespace.

Users cannot enter their own amount to tip however you do get to choose which amounts appear in the dropdown.

Please note that you will have to disable AJAX if you are on version 7.0 of Squarespace.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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