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Would love a site critique

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Looks nice but I'm not a fan of the filters over the photographs. The home page banner image (and all banner images) should be brighter and cropped to focus on the bride and groom when the page opens - this is the first impression that a viewer will have of your work. The signature on the images is grand but I would suggest removing the semi-opaque band, it takes up too much visual dominance of the photos and confuses the composition.

Some of the photos are gorgeous, I would suggest putting them on the home page, the current photos are great but don't forget - weddings are for the bride so, I would suggest featuring females front and centre on the HP and pushing the current ones down a bit. The home page bio could be shortened to one sentence and the full bio placed on another page. There could be a couple of short testimonials aswell.

If a potential client is looking for a wedding photographer, they may have 20 or 30 to go through, your home page may only get a couple of seconds to impress them. You have plenty of supporting information which is great - no issues there.

I hope this helps.


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Nice site!

I would give 2 pieces of feedback.

1- Make your logo about 50% smaller, that will tighten up the main navigation and make the website look more professional. It will also help fix the issue on smaller screens where the book now button falls below the other nav items. Example attached 🙂

2- See if you can reduce the height of the images on your internal pages to bring the content up a bit higher. It just tightens things up a little and lets some of those users out there who get confused easily know there is content they can scroll to. But this one is a take it or leave it. 


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