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Can I accomplish these things with Squarespace?

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I’m looking to create a site for a non-profit organization that would have to do a couple things and I’d like to know if these are possible with SquareSpace.
1. There would be approximately 12 videos that would stream with a membership. There would be a nominal fee for the membership. These would be set up like a class with one episode leading into the next when the current episode is completed.
2. Other organizations, hospitals and medical offices could have their own dedicated version of the site but with their own branding. 
There are a lot more things that we need to do but these are the two most critical. And is there a sales department I could call at SquarSpace to speak with someone about all of this?
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While you could accomplish with SquareSpace, it would probably not be ideal.

You could host the main website at squarespace and then use a service like Patreon, CourseCraft, etc. to host the membership part of it.

Creating websites using Squarespace at Design by Donuts 🍩

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