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Splitting a squarespace site into two

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Site URL: https://www.agiaskepi.org/


We wish to split our organisation's website into two separate sites, preferably under the same domain.

The current site consists of:

  • content pages (mostly bilingual) regarding our non-profit's programs 
  • a store, that until now served only as a catalogue (no buying enabled).

Now that we have enabled online sales, we want to move the content pages related to the programs onto their own squarespace site, so as to utilise all the available navigation functionality for the commerce site.

To that extent we have created a new paid subscription. 

I was hoping it would be possible to:

  1. Duplicate our entire site
  2. Delete the store from the copy site
  3. Delete the program content pages from the store site.  
  4. Use our current home page to link to the two sites.

I would appreciate your input on whether it is possible, or how to go about transferring the content that needs to go, onto the new site.




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Top Posters In This Topic

Yes I have duplicated the site - quite successfully, most of the content has transfered over.

Do we have to cancel our newly paid subscription and subscribe on the 'copy' site?


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Posted (edited)

Hi, I now have two separate Squarespace sites that must be linked. 

The original one is under our current site's domain (www.agiaskepi.org) and the new one has the squarespace.com domain.

I intend to use a common cover page with two action buttons that link to each site respectively. 

Can I use the same domain for both sites? If so, how is this done.  



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