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Displaying & filtering more than 200 products


Site URL: https://seabass-greyhound-r843.squarespace.com/home-4


Here is my problem:
I have 270 products (in this case artworks) which I would love to be able to present on a single page. Because of the 200 product maximum, I have for now divided them into two product pages: A-K and L-Z. 

This is problematic for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that it becomes impossible to filter all 270 artworks.
For example, if I wanted to create a category of artworks priced at less than $1000 for instance, I would love to be able to display the ones in both the A-K AND the L-Z pages, rather than having them in two separate places.

My first thought was to create a page with a series of Summary Blocks, so that I could display all 270 artworks on one page, but then the ability to filter categories disappears.

I can't seem to find any similar questions on this forum... which seems strange since I imagine it would be a common problem.

Is there a plugin of some kind that would be of help here? Any advice is appreciated!!!

THANK YOU in advance :)

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