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How to create and add a specialize poker calculator to my Squarespace site?


Posted (edited)

Site URL: https://www.ExceptionalPoker.com

I'm relatively new to Squarespace and very ignorant about custom CSS, HTML, Javascript, and widgets. So please bear with me.

I have a poker-related website/blog. It used to be hosted on Wordpress but I've moved it to Squarespace.

On the old site, I hired a programmer to build me a specialized widget that was essentially a calculator on a standalone webpage on my site. A visitor to my website could go to this page and select a series of "radio" buttons and enter things like pot size and stack sizes via an interactive calculator-like interface. Based on what they inputed and selected, the widget would then return/display different jpeg images (i.e., showing so-called push-fold ranges the player could use given a specific game situation).

I don't have the original code or widget, but I'd like to re-create the same interactive page on my new Squarespace site. I have a mockup/screenshot of the old calculator (widget?) page, and I have all the underlying logic and jpeg images. I just need someone to re-build this functionality/page on Squarespace for me.

I'm ignorant enough that I'm not even sure what vocabulary to use when describing the problem, let alone know where to look to find a programmer or expert to help me re-create this functionality and get it working.

Question: I'm looking for some guidance and direction to pursue from you experts. Where do I start?

Heck, I don't even know if I'm in the correct sub-forum to be asking this question!

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers, Mark

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Posted (edited)

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