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Differentiating Between GST and GST Free

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Site URL: https://www.gelatinhealth.net.au/

We are an Australian company who sell products that are GST free and require GST to be applied. (GST = 10%). This is an essential part of our accounting process. I have enquired with Squarespace customer support, who replied with "sorry but that feature isn't available". 

Additionally we use OneSaas to reflect all orders into Xero. I dont know if that changes anything. 

If anyone was wondering, the products that need GST applied are, 

  • Gelatin Plus
  • Gummy Goodness
  • Collagen Shake 
  • and the cost of shipping

All other products are GST free. 

Has anyone else, ever come across this problem?
Does anyone have any ideas to help work around it? 

Is it possible to write some HTML code around the issue? 

I am open to any suggestions. 

Kind regards, 

Josh from Gelatin health

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Hi there,

We are interested to know if there has been any movement on this? We are facing the same issues as we sell both GST inclusive and GST free items and manually providing this information to our bookkeeper is almost enough of a reason to switch to another platform.



Lily of Theodore's

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This is also extremely important for a client of mine as some of the goods they’re selling are GST free. Frustrating there’s no box to check to exempt a product. Would love to see a solution on this

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