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Re-creating sitemap.xml and uploading to root folder

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Site URL: http://www.flexibleteams.com


I've read that on the Squarespace Help that  "Squarespace automatically generates and links a proper sitemap.xml, which enumerates every URL and image metadata on your site with proper priority for perfect indexing even if you use a Javascript-heavy template. For more information, visit Your site map.  ".  In addition I could only fine one post on this forum in relation to root folders.


My SEO guys have advised the following: "The sitemap.xml file is present on the website. But, it is not updated as per the current running
website URL pattern. Therefore, we need to re-create the sitemap.xml and upload on the website
root folder."

I wonder if you can offer me any advice on how to proceed with this please?

Many thanks!


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The sitemap is generated automatically by Squarespace, as you mentioned. You cannot update it manually.

If there is an issue with the sitemap, you should contact Squarespace Customer Support. You can reach out to them here. You will need to provide them with more detailed information than you have posted. For example, you will need to be specific about what is missing from the sitemap so that they can confirm this.

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