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Help... 7.1 Editor is ridiculously SLOW

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Hi all,

New here on Squarespace forum 👋

First, a little background. I used to have few Squarespace sites years ago and recall the experience of editing sites was great back then. I don't recall having issues with those sites. This week, I've been setting up a new website project on Squarepace, but I'm sad to say, the site editing experience has been an absolute horror so far.

I can really relate to the experiences people on this thread have had.

Now, I don't know if it's due to the 7.1 editor or something else, but quite frankly - the unresponsiveness and unreliability of the editor is just terrible. Editing a block keeps getting stuck on editing or when I try to save some edits I made. Sometimes the whole block disappears suddenly.. there seem to be several issues at play. It just gets completely unusable at points. Which is a shame.

Based on my short experience (started building a site this week), Firefox on Mac seem to work best. Chrome and Safari have even more issues. But even with Firefox, I'm constantly running into problems while editing something. I'd like to run a blog, but it now worries me that if I write (or edit) a post, it might just disappear suddenly / not save the new post at all. Probably need to write it on some other software first, just to have backup in case something goes bad.

I do realize, 7.1 is quite new and some bugs are to be expected. But honestly, at this moment, it just feels almost unusable at points. Please Squarespace - you need to fix this 😕

PS. Clearing browser cache did not solve the issue for me. I'm still seeing blocks get stuck in editing, saving, etc. See the picture for reference.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 10.35.02.png

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Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one! It is actually ridiculous how slow the editor is and how many times it's crashed for me. I tried to clear my cache and it made absolutely no difference. It is so disappointing because I want to use Square Space but wow the frustration of doing such small tasks is just not worth it.

I've also contacted the support team 4 times on seperate occasions and they have not been helpful at all. Basically just told me they can't replicate my issue so theres nothing they can do and that was the end of that.


If you're jumping on square space now please be aware of this, it so not worth the headache.

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I run firefox on windows. I can edit with squarespace fine up to a point and then it starts lagging. Worst of all, it affects the rest of my firefox tabs. It's like it hogs all the resources. As I typed this, I had to wait for it to catch up every few words so it must be something with their back end. I tried it on edge and it was exactly the same. I have to wait for things to catch up just to click a button.

My pc isn't a slouch. I run a ryzen 5800x 8 core with 64gb of ram and I have a 24gb rtx 3090

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Site URL: http://Catology.org

I need some help, and so far I cannot get through to customer service.

When I try to edit my blog page, initially everything is fine. Then there starts being a delay between when I type and when the words appear. Eventually everything freezes. If I save, then refresh, things will work again for a few minutes, then start getting slow again.

I have tried this on multiple computers, and with every browser, and it still happens. This only happens when I edit and try to type in the blog. I have no problems anywhere else.

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I found this thread because I too am having incredibly noticeable issues with the speed of the Squarespace editor. For me it's been the entire month of September basically. Specifically I have the issue where typing starts to lag, and it's unbearable. It usually starts after working for a few minutes. If I switch browsers or refresh or switch computers I get another few minutes of work time before it starts to lag again (words showing up seconds after typing them).

Clearly this specific issue is new based on what everyone is saying. Has Squarespace responded with admitting to the issue yet? Any fixes yet? Thanks!

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I think I found a work around to this problem. I noticed that the lagging happens on blog pages that have multiple entries that utilize thumbnails. When you are in the blog editor the left hand frame shows a lists of all the posts and loads all the thumbnails as a visual aid to help differentiate between each post at a glance. I find that the lag is caused by the editor loading all these thumbnails. 

My work around is to click on the blog you wish to edit. The left frame shows all the blog posts and the right panel will display a web-page summary that can be seen online. Rather than select which blog post you wish to edit using the left frame click the "Pages" back button. It'll cycle back to the home menu but your summary page will remain in the right frame. Find your blog post through the right page and edit it from there.

If you are creating a new blog post, use the left frame to create a new page to the point where you can click out to "Pages" and still edit your new post.

I have found that this mitigates the lag issue. I hope that Squarespace implements a means of turning off thumbnails in the left frame because this appears to be what is causing all the slow down.

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I'm having the same issue with writing text. It take several minutes to write a paragraph and then another several minutes for it to transfer from the stupid edit box to the website page. Ridiculous. I am not running any custom code.

This seems like a problem with the new block editing which for some unknown reason adds an extra step to enter text instead of allowing me to simply click where I want to edit and then write.

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Same issue here.

I've been using Squarespace for 4 years now and this lagging just started happening maybe 6 months ago (or more). It really hinders productivity and I'm now having to write my blog posts in Google Docs and paste them into the blog page just to cut down on some of the lag time.

I cannot believe there isn't a fix for this.

I've cleared my cache and cookies, tried different web browsers (I use Firefox on Mac), and nothing has worked.

Hope there's a fix on the horizon.

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I have the same issue, the editor is outrageously slow! It's actually not usable. It was fine for a while, then started going slow and now it's 5min between actions... 😞

Reading the forum, this has been a known issue for a long time now, It's hard to understand why it cannot be solved.

I've cleared my cache and cookies, used different browsers (Firefox on Mac is my default), and nothing has worked. I've got a super fast Mac, it's certainly not my computer...

I'm new to SS but have built sites on other platforms and not had an issue like this. So much time invested so far, it's hard to consider starting again on another platform, but if I can't edit, then the sites not usable ongoing.

Please let me know if there's a solution out there - thanks!


It's curious, but the editor is back up to speed now, nothing changed my end, so I presume it's a server issue...fingers crossed it stays operational 🙂  (typing this is very very slow though - 20sec delay almost per word)

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I have the same experience here!  I'm using a brand new gaming PC, and I'm just trying to make an unlinked portfolio page for a job application.  This is beyond frustrating.  Been with SquareSpace for years, but if they don't fix this it's a deal breaker for me.
Also this message board is extremely slow as well.  What is going on with you guys?!

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On 12/12/2021 at 3:08 PM, mashafalkov said:

Also this message board is extremely slow as well.  What is going on with you guys?!

SS did not create the forum software. They buy from a service.

Although this board isn't blazing in speed I've found it to be reasonably responsive most of the time. I'm on it a fair bit. There are some functions that take longer than I'd like. For example clicking on the Notifications icons takes ages (30ish seconds) to load. But that could be because I'm subscribed to a ton of threads! 🙂

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Any updates on this - is everyone still having issues?

I've been trying to build a new site and the editor works fine for a while but then gradually grinds to a halt. Takes 10-20 seconds to edit a page, open the block editor, navigate within the editor etc.

Doesn't seem to be limited to any specific content as far as I can tell..

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I need help too!! I've used Squarespace for my own website in the past and loved what I could do with it; but now that I am being commissioned to build a website for a friend never in my experience has Squarespace been SO SLOW. I know I don't have the most up-to-date computer ever - plus I have Adobe programs - but there is no reason I should have to close down and reopen Squarespace every 5 minutes. It's been hours and I haven't been able to change the color of a button. The style editor is so complicated and barely responds to my changes...I am so frustrated. 

I did have a custom code in place so after reading a comment here I removed it, but the editor has not picked up the pace I still can't work with the site styles editor. 

PLEASE help! I don't want to have to straight up tell my friend I can't build his website for him because the builder itself is too slow. 

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