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Help... 7.1 Editor is ridiculously SLOW

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Is anyone else experiencing a ridiculously slow (I'm talking 10+ minutes) wait for "adding a section" to a page, pop up window to load? Any ideas? I've switched from Safari to Chrome... Any

I am having a similar issue, nothing loads when i try to add new content to a blank page

Similar issues, mostly code from Internet speed..

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Chrome has a re occurring resolving host issue, ( you will see those words in the left hand corner) seems to happen in the mornings, like this one.

Takes too long to load anything, move things down or up the internet,  but the config is the worse.  There is a fix, but it is temporary. If you are seeing those words  at the bottom of your window here is what you do. 

Three (almost) steps

1. In the Chrome browser bar type in this address chrome://net-internals/#dns hit enter, also  save it somewhere you will need it again.

2 go to windows start icon, right click select run and when that window comes up type n  CMD. 

3. In the black window where the cursor is flashing type this  ipconfig /flushdns  (space between / and f)  hit enter, then restart your pc. Things should move  a whole lot  faster after the above is completed. 

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I tried it on chrome and it is super slow. I switched to Safari thinking if might be chrome, but it is also taking forever. Whats this I see about the editor software update? It has been a few months since I last edited the page. And at that time, everything was working smoothly. But today, it is taking forever to load and when it finally did, my page font had been changed (or not loading) and I cannot change it back to the font it was at before.... 

In my page DESIGN settings says that site title is under the correct font.

But the following "subtitle" font has been changed and I haven't changed it... 

Also it does not let me change it back to FUTURA font, like it was originally. 

It claims in the edit pane that the font for my Headings 1, 2, & 3 are set to Futura PT

but it does not show up as such.... the font for those areas shows something else....

Whats going on?! Can I downgrade if that's what the issue might be???



Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.16.03 PM.png

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Same, literally photos hosted on Wix load faster then one's hosted on SS... 🙄


They really need to fix the pictures disappearing too.

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Yep, I'm experiencing the editor being terribly slow as well. Using Chrome on a 2016 Macbook Pro. The fan noise that kicks into gear whenever I start editing as well is ridiculous. More than using Premiere Pro for heavy duty film editing/exporting. What's going on?

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It's unbearable! It's soooo hard to update my site at the moment. I am just scooting around trying to fix broken links and a 20 minute job has become an hour job! wassuuuup sqsp?

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I'm also experiencing extremely slow editor issues in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I have a 1G speed internet connection that consistently runs at 700-800mbps download and 41mbps upload speeds It's not slow internet.

Clearing caches makes no difference. Changes done in the editor sometimes do not display until the next day. This is wasting enormous amounts of my time, and it's been like this for over 6 months.

Squarespace please fix this!!

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